The 10 step process of Smart Village is:  

  1. When a village gets adopted either by someone within or outside country, we prepare a secondary research report on the village on 70 parameters of village life which becomes the "AS IS" status of village.
  2. Next step is to interview all the households in the village, with a ready questionnaire in local language, to identify their pain points. At this time the adopter of village has to visit the village with our team for 2-3 days.
  3. Based on the questionnaire inputs, we prepare pain point solutions document and split it into short ( 3 months ), medium ( 18 months ) and long term ( 33 months ) achievable solutions.
  4. At this stage we interact with villagers to validate the pain points & solutions.
  5. We appoint a manager in the village, who is from the village, called Smart village manager on a salary. He/She becomes our execution arm.
  6. Then one by one we execute the solutions.
  7. Funding comes from the person who has adopted ( 10% ) and balance from corporate CSR in the country or abroad, State & central government schemes, village fund raising etc.  
  8. Many innovative, self employment generating and first time activities are implemented in the village which generates interest in the youth to stay back in village. 
  9. It takes 1000 days to convert the village into a smart village.
  10. Every three months, a review report is sent to the adopter on progress.